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ATENA-VATION Call for proposals – Extension of submission deadline

Atena announces that the submission deadline for the Atena-Vation call for
proposals has been extended until June 30.
entrepreneurs, start-ups, and technology companies interested in making your
idea a reality? You still have over a month to work on and submit your
Atena will examine through a dedicated committee the ideas that will be
submitted. After an orderly examination and screening process, it will select
three projects that will receive a unique proposal for cooperation with Atena
for the commercial production of the selected product.

Updated schedule and selection process:
– Submission of bids by 30.6.2021.
– Convergence of the committee and selection of the leading proposals that
will be invited for presentation to the committee until 20.7.2021
– 20-29/7/2021: Days of presentations of the selected ideas to the committee
– August 2021: Selection of the three leading offers that will each receive a
unique offer for cooperation with Atena for the production of the selected

To submit your proposal, please email info@atena.co.il
Need more details regarding what to submit and how?
Click here https://www.atena.co.il/atena-vation/

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